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RixLPEAutomata Class Reference

A compact deterministic finite automata class. More...

#include <RixLPEInline.h>


struct  State
struct  Transition

Public Member Functions

short getTransition (short state, RixLPEToken symbol) const
void *const * getRules (int state, int &count) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< Transitionm_trans
std::vector< void * > m_rules
std::vector< Statem_states

Detailed Description

A compact deterministic finite automata class.

Stores the state transition tables and the per-state list of channel ids to accumulate results into.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getRules()

void* const* RixLPEAutomata::getRules ( int  state,
int &  count 
) const

References m_rules, and m_states.

◆ getTransition()

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_rules

std::vector<void *> RixLPEAutomata::m_rules

Referenced by getRules().

◆ m_states

std::vector<State> RixLPEAutomata::m_states

Referenced by getRules(), and getTransition().

◆ m_trans

std::vector<Transition> RixLPEAutomata::m_trans

Referenced by getTransition().

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