RenderManAPI  24.0
RixProjectionEnvironment Class Reference

RixProjection plugins characterize camera and lens projections. More...

#include <RixProjection.h>

Public Member Functions

 RixProjectionEnvironment ()

Public Attributes

int m_version
int width
 Width and height of the image in pixels. More...
int height
float pixelAspectRatio
 Aspect ratio of pixels. More...
float clippingNear
 Distance to near and far clipping plane. More...
float clippingFar
float screenWindowLeft
 Screen window. More...
float screenWindowRight
float screenWindowTop
float screenWindowBottom
float shutterOpen
 Shutter. More...
float shutterClose
unsigned worldToCameraNumSamples
 World to camera transform. More...
RtMatrix4x4 const * worldToCameraMatrix
float const * worldToCameraTimes
char _reserved [32]

Detailed Description

RixProjection plugins characterize camera and lens projections.

They are responsible for turning stratified random samples into rays. These are then traced as the primary camera rays and passed along with any hits to the RixIntegrator. The main job of the plugin is to implement the Project() method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RixProjectionEnvironment()

RixProjectionEnvironment::RixProjectionEnvironment ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ _reserved

char RixProjectionEnvironment::_reserved[32]

◆ clippingFar

float RixProjectionEnvironment::clippingFar

◆ clippingNear

float RixProjectionEnvironment::clippingNear

Distance to near and far clipping plane.

◆ height

int RixProjectionEnvironment::height

◆ m_version

int RixProjectionEnvironment::m_version

◆ pixelAspectRatio

float RixProjectionEnvironment::pixelAspectRatio

Aspect ratio of pixels.

◆ screenWindowBottom

float RixProjectionEnvironment::screenWindowBottom

◆ screenWindowLeft

float RixProjectionEnvironment::screenWindowLeft

Screen window.

◆ screenWindowRight

float RixProjectionEnvironment::screenWindowRight

◆ screenWindowTop

float RixProjectionEnvironment::screenWindowTop

◆ shutterClose

float RixProjectionEnvironment::shutterClose

◆ shutterOpen

float RixProjectionEnvironment::shutterOpen


◆ width

int RixProjectionEnvironment::width

Width and height of the image in pixels.

◆ worldToCameraMatrix

RtMatrix4x4 const* RixProjectionEnvironment::worldToCameraMatrix

◆ worldToCameraNumSamples

unsigned RixProjectionEnvironment::worldToCameraNumSamples

World to camera transform.

◆ worldToCameraTimes

float const* RixProjectionEnvironment::worldToCameraTimes

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