RenderManAPI  24.0
RtBBox Member List

This is the complete list of members for RtBBox, including all inherited members.

Center() constRtBBoxinline
Contains(const RtPoint3 &pt) constRtBBoxinline
Diagonal() constRtBBoxinline
DiagonalSq() constRtBBoxinline
Encloses(const RtBBox &bbox) constRtBBoxinline
Expand(const float expansion)RtBBoxinline
Expand(const RtPoint3 &pt)RtBBoxinline
Intersect(const RtBBox &bbox)RtBBoxinline
Intersects(const RtPoint3 &org, const RtVector3 &invdir, float tmax, float *dist0, float *dist1) constRtBBoxinline
Outside(const RtPoint3 &pt) constRtBBoxinline
Overlaps(const RtBBox &bbox) constRtBBoxinline
RtBBox(float minx, float miny, float minz, float maxx, float maxy, float maxz)RtBBoxinline
RtBBox(const RtPoint3 &_min, const RtPoint3 &_max)RtBBoxinline
SurfaceArea() constRtBBoxinline
Union(const RtBBox &bbox)RtBBoxinline
Volume() constRtBBoxinline