RenderManAPI  24.0
RixSSPathTraced::Params Struct Reference

#include <RixShadingBuiltin.h>

Public Member Functions

 Params ()

Public Attributes

int const _version
RtColorRGB const * albedo
RixSCDetail albedoDetail
RtColorRGB const * dmfp
RixSCDetail dmfpDetail
float const * ior
RixSCDetail iorDetail
float const * g
RixSCDetail gDetail
float diffuseSwitch
float bias
int disableAlbedoInversion
RtUString subset
bool resolveSelfIntersections
float internalReflectionsEta
float unitLength
RtVector3 const * bumpNormal
char _reserved [32]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Params()

RixSSPathTraced::Params::Params ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ _reserved

char RixSSPathTraced::Params::_reserved[32]

◆ _version

int const RixSSPathTraced::Params::_version

◆ albedo

RtColorRGB const* RixSSPathTraced::Params::albedo

◆ albedoDetail

RixSCDetail RixSSPathTraced::Params::albedoDetail

◆ bias

float RixSSPathTraced::Params::bias

◆ bumpNormal

RtVector3 const* RixSSPathTraced::Params::bumpNormal

◆ diffuseSwitch

float RixSSPathTraced::Params::diffuseSwitch

◆ disableAlbedoInversion

int RixSSPathTraced::Params::disableAlbedoInversion

◆ dmfp

RtColorRGB const* RixSSPathTraced::Params::dmfp

◆ dmfpDetail

RixSCDetail RixSSPathTraced::Params::dmfpDetail

◆ g

float const* RixSSPathTraced::Params::g

◆ gDetail

RixSCDetail RixSSPathTraced::Params::gDetail

◆ internalReflectionsEta

float RixSSPathTraced::Params::internalReflectionsEta

◆ ior

float const* RixSSPathTraced::Params::ior

◆ iorDetail

RixSCDetail RixSSPathTraced::Params::iorDetail

◆ resolveSelfIntersections

bool RixSSPathTraced::Params::resolveSelfIntersections

◆ subset

RtUString RixSSPathTraced::Params::subset

◆ unitLength

float RixSSPathTraced::Params::unitLength

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