RenderManAPI  24.0
RtHitPoint Struct Reference

#include <RixIntegrator.h>

Public Attributes

RtPoint3 P
RtNormal3 Ng
 Hit position. More...
float dist
 Geometric normal on hit. More...
RtPoint2 uv
 Distance to hit point. 0 means 'no hit'. More...
float filterSize
 (u,v) coordinates of the hit. More...
float mpSize
 Used for texture filtering. More...
uint16_t groupingId
 Used for ray-tracing bias calculation. More...
uint16_t unused
 Attribute "grouping" "id" from the hit geometry. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ dist

float RtHitPoint::dist

Geometric normal on hit.

◆ filterSize

float RtHitPoint::filterSize

(u,v) coordinates of the hit.

◆ groupingId

uint16_t RtHitPoint::groupingId

Used for ray-tracing bias calculation.

◆ mpSize

float RtHitPoint::mpSize

Used for texture filtering.

◆ Ng

RtNormal3 RtHitPoint::Ng

Hit position.

◆ P

RtPoint3 RtHitPoint::P

◆ unused

uint16_t RtHitPoint::unused

Attribute "grouping" "id" from the hit geometry.

◆ uv

RtPoint2 RtHitPoint::uv

Distance to hit point. 0 means 'no hit'.

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