Projection texture: a special version of PxrTexture to avoid redundant texture lookups.

Input Parameters


The filename of the texture. This parameter must be supplied.

RIB: string filename
Default: ""

First Channel Offset

First channel offset to be looked up for filename.

RIB: int firstChannel
Default: 0


Selects different reconstruction filters that can be used during texture lookup. The filters available for PxrProjectionLayer are:

  • 0: Nearest
  • 1: Box
  • 2: Bilinear
  • 3: Bspline
  • 4: Mitchell
  • 5: Catmullrom
  • 6: Gaussian
  • 7: Lagrangian
RIB: int filter
Default: 1


Specifies how much to blur the image retrieved from the texture file.

RIB: float blur
Default: 0.0

Mip Interpolate

Selects whether to interpolate between adjacent resolutions in the multi-resolution texture, resulting in smoother transitions between levels.

RIB: int lerp
Default: 1

Missing Color

If there is an error opening the texture, use this color.

RIB: color missingColor
Default: 1.0 0.0 1.0

Missing Alpha

If there is an error opening the texture, use this alpha.

RIB: float missingAlpha
Default: 1.0


Apply the reverse sRGB transform your texture. If you are painting textures in sRGB space (default for most paint packages) but viewing your data in data linear space, your textures will look washed out. This will apply the sRGB transform to your texture, which should make it appear visually linear again.

RIB: int linearize
Default: 0


A black and white mask can be used to avoid reading texture on points that won't be visible. PxrProjectionLayer is providing such an output (resultMask) to avoid reading texels that are either occluded or outside of the projection window.

RIB: float mask
Default: 1.0


Provides the range over which to apply the texture. Plug a PxrProjector here to provide mapping coordinates to the texture function. Defaults to s,t.

RIB: struct manifold

Output Parameters


The filtered color result. Note all results are looked up starting at the startChannel offset.


The R channel result


The G channel result


The B channel result


The Alpha channel, which takes into account the mask provided through the mask input.