Heads Up!

Heads Up!

  • Note

    The Maya scene file for this example - lmSkinBust.ma - is included with the RMS Tutorials bundle.

This scene is an updated version of the 3D World article Create a Photoreal Model in RenderMan, by Harsh Agrawal. It focuses on shading and lighting one creepy dude:


Creepy Dude

Much of what's happening with our hero here is accomplished with texture maps. PRMan's RIS mode is highly optimized for the simplified advantages of using textures in shading and supports the most popular texture formats, including ZBrush, Mudbox, and PTex. But that's not all. Here's a quick breakdown of the scene's components:

  • Human Skin created with LMSubsurface
  • Clothing created with LMPlastic
  • Hair is curves shaded with PxrHair
  • Eyes are LMSubsurface with dual bump on single sphere
  • Microphone is LMMetal with its anisotropic component created via PxrTangentField attached to the LMMetal's Shading Tangent parameter.
  • Lights are specialize area lights - rectlights - with barn doors
  • Camera Lens special RenderMan Attributes are added to the Maya camera shape node to create some subtle bokeh