The RenderMan Menu

The RenderMan Menu

When the RenderMan for Maya plugin is loaded, the RenderMan menu is added to the Maya menu bar, and is accessible regardless of which Maya menu set is selected. The RenderMan menu is a convenient collection of commonly accessed actions that are otherwise accessible via disparate Maya menus and/or the RenderMan shelf.

Render. Select the option box to access the Rendering options to choose the rendering method, threading options, etc.
IPR Render
Initiates an interactive rendering session. The option box provides access to the RenderMan IPR Options, including threading, camera, display, and update mode options.
  • NOTE

    The IPR controls (to pause or stop a session) no longer have their own window - they can be found on the RenderMan Shelf after an IPR session has been started.

Batch Render
Spools a batch render, either via the Maya batch mechanism or via Tractor, LocalQueue, or Alfred. Select the option box in the sub-menu to access the batch render options, including the render method, threading options, etc. Users can also cancel batch renders or view the batch-rendered images via the sub-menu.
Choose your rendering mode: RenderMan/Reyes or RenderMan/RIS.
RenderMan Globals...
Opens the RenderMan global settings window. The global settings can also be access via the RenderMan Controls window.
Advanced RenderMan Controls...
Opens the RenderMan Controls window, providing access to pass and job settings, secondary outputs, shared geometric attributes, and RenderMan's global settings.
The sub-menu provides quick access to RIB, RLF, and statistics files.
RMS Materials
Create a new RMS Material (Bxdf). If an object is selected, the new material is assigned to it.
RMS Lights
Create an RMS light or light blocker.
RMS Presets
Create an RMS Material with preset values (e.g. LMMetal with the Copper preset).
Shortcuts for creating OpenVDB and Displacement nodes.
RIB Archives
Accesses the various options for using RenderManArchives.
Short cuts for adding RenderMan Subdivision attributes or a coordinate system, as well as for creating a RIB Box or Trace Set.
Shortcuts for attaching RenderMan Primitive Variables to a selected object.
Dynamic Rules...
Opens the Dynamic Rules manager.
Opens the Lighting Panel.
Opens the display tool, "it".
Opens the LocalQueue render management tool.

Opens the Tractor Dashboard. This option may require additional configuration. The location for the Tractor Dashboard is set in your RenderMan_for_Maya.ini, via:

SetPref TractorDashboardURL {http://tractor-monitor/tractor/dashboard/}

We strongly recommend creating a duplicate, site-specific .ini file referenced with the $RMS_SCRIPT_PATHS environment variable rather than editing the file in your installation directory ($RMSTREE/etc).

About RfM...
Shows the version and copyright information about RfM.