RenderMan 20.12 for Katana 2.x

RenderMan 20.12 for Katana 2.x

Welcome to RenderMan 20.12 for Katana 2.x

RenderMan 20.12 for Katana 2.0 makes improvements and fixes to the last release of RenderMan 20.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Updated the default of options.shutter.clampmotion in PrmanGlobalSettings to match the RenderMan default.
  • New exclude subset attributes have been added to mirror their corresponding (non-exclude) subset attributes.
Attribute "trace" "string reflectexcludesubset" [""]
Attribute "trace" "string transmitexcludesubset" [""]
Attribute "trace" "string shadowexcludesubset" [""]

RenderMan 20.11 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • RenderMan for Katana supports Katana2.2 with 20.11.
  • Instance sources (Leaf and hierarchical) now ignore user attributes. This is to ensure that per-instance user attributes are respected.

Bug Fixes

  • Hierarchical instances now correctly inherit the Bxdf from the instance source. This can be overriden with an explicit material assignment at the instance location.

RenderMan 20.10 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • darkfalloff introduced in Renderman 20.9 is now exposed in the UI as a hider option.
  • Attribute "shade" "relativepixelvariance" is now available in the PrmanObjectSettings node.

Bug Fixes

  • Inherited parameters with Force Default set are now correctly ignored.
  • Custom projection shaders assigned to /root are now correctly written out before the Camera.

RenderMan 20.9 for Katana 2.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional RendererInfo crash related to shader initialization in Live Rendering.
  • Fixed erroneous fatal error messages related to deferred procedurals.

RenderMan 20.8 for Katana 2.0

New Features in 20.8

  • Added support for the new RenderMan trace subset attributes to PrmanObjectSettings. See RenderMan 20.8 Release Notes.
  • Katana2.1 is now supported for RfK19.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Improved accuracy of PrmanGlobalSettings and PrmanObjectSettings REYES/RIS parameter layout.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using full paths to coshaders.
  • Locations of type "volume" now correctly respect the "visible" attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where deferred procedurals resulted in locations being cooked twice.

RenderMan 20.7 for Katana 2.0

New Features in 20.7

  • Important

    Be sure and consult the release documents for RenderMan 20.8 regarding changes to volume rendering and LM Materials.

  • Option "trace" "string depthmode" (added in PRMan 20.6) is now available in PrmanGlobalSettings.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Important

    In using the new volume rendering changes, you should consider increasing your shading rate on volumes. This could provide you with improved memory usage as well as speed. Existing scenes may render more slowly than before and with much greater memory usage without a change to the local ShadingRate. Not every scene will be affected so take care in changing the parameter.

  • OpenVDB has been updated to version 3.1.0 and should be backwards compatible with previous version 2.1.0

Bug Fixes

  • LM Materials may render differently due to a fix, you can find an example in the release notes for RenderMan 20.7
  • Shader search no longer terminates unexpectedly when encountering an invalid path.

RenderMan 20.6 for Katana 2.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression in live rendering from the viewer camera. You can now live render through any of the cameras in the viewer camera list when the "Live Render from Viewer Camera" toggle is on.
  • Muted lights no longer illuminate for linked location inside nested procedurals.

RenderMan 20.5 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The cropWindow and overscan render regions are displayed with dashed lines in the Monitor.
  • The ShadowBranch node no longer relies on the RFKTREE environment variable.
  • Removed warnings for when parameters of type struct were enabled, but not connected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where live rendering with multiple AOVs could cause corrupt data or crashes.
  • Live renders using the ROI window now do not draw low resolution pixels outside of the ROI borders.
  • ROI renders with overscan are no longer offset or resized.
  • Camera transforms for live renders with overscan are fixed.
  • Renderer procedurals using typed arguments are now working correctly.
  • Arbitrary attributes hinted to be a zero-length array are now correctly declared in the RIB file.
  • A light with a "shape" attribute set to "envsphere" will now be correctly recognized as an environment light and will have the correct built-in orientation applied. See release notes for RenderMan 20.2 for Katana 2.0.

RenderMan 20.4 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Add support for prmanGlobalStatements.plugin.instanceSourceMode to allow for lazy creation of "instance source" locations when first referenced by an "instance".
  • OSL outputs are no longer displayed in the input list of the PrmanShadingNode.

Bug Fixes

  • Explicitly setting the integrator to "none" no longer breaks REYES renders.
  • The ShadowBranch node is now compatible with Katana 2.0.

RenderMan 20.3 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Users can now set the blobbydso:threshold attribtue on volumes using SetAttr("geometry.threshold", ScenegraphAttr.Attr("FloatAttr", [threshold])). The volume_openVDB.katana example has been updated to reflect this fix.

RenderMan 20.2 for Katana 2.0

Miscellaneous Changes

  • RIB output for environment lights has been modified to conform to the OpenEXR spec for latlong environment maps. Previously (20.1) a rotation of -90 around X was added in order to get an environment map "upright". As of 20.2 there are now two rotations automatically added when rendering environment lights: -90 around X and +90 around Y. See Environment Light Orientation for details.

  • The searchpath option "rifilter" has been added to PrmanGlobalSettings. Note this setting is not relevant for rif plugins requested on the prman command line (i.e. in the "riFilters" setting in PrmanGlobalSettings). It is only applicable for rif plugins inserted at runtime; added as the PrmanGlobalSettings ribInclude at location "After Display", e.g.:

    ##rifcontrol insert begin -rif RLFInjector -rifend

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed pretesselate typo in PrmanGlobalSettings

RenderMan 20.1 for Katana 2.0

This release offers support for:

  • Katana2.0v2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Environment Lights using an OpenEXR latlong texture did not match the orientation when using Enable Procedural. Scenes with existing environment lights using Enable Procedural will be rotated 180° to be consistent when Enable Procedural is disabled.
  • Removed an invalid warning for missing voxelResolution attribute.
  • Fixed bug where RIB include statements containing RLF injector directives were being ignored by RfK.

RenderMan 20.0 for Katana 2.0

RenderMan for Katana 2.0 (RfK2.0) capitalizes on the changes made for Katana 2.0 and continues full support of the latest RenderMan ProServer 20.0.

This current release offers support for:

  • Katana2.0v1
  • RenderMan ProServer 20.0

What's New

PRMan's denoise utility is a way to reduce render times by using a post process on a low-sample render. RenderMan for Katana includes the PrmanDenoiseChannelDefine macro which can be used for creating the AOVs required by the denoiser.
Plugin Extensibility
Katana's handling of the scenegraph can be extended with Custom Ops. This should reduce and eventually eliminate the need for custom compilation of the RfK plugin.
OSL Shaders
OSL shaders are fully supported by RfK2.0. Load these shaders as you would any other shader and the plugin will automatically do the conversion for the the RPS PxrOSL pattern.
New Light Shaders
New light shaders are provided for RIS mode. They are: PxrStdAreaLight, PxrStdEnvMapLight, and PxrStdEnvDayLight. These are similar to RMSGeoAreaLight and RMSEnvLight, but are streamlined for use in RIS. In particular, RIS patterns can be connected to the color parameters for the PxrStd light sources. They also use new light filter plug-ins as blockers instead of the RMSGeoLightBlocker coshader.
Light Filters
RPS provides a new API for light filter. Preliminary support for light filters has been added to RfK in the form of a macro: PrmanLightFilterCreate. This can be used for creating and wiring in PxrBlocker and PxrGobo nodes. This is a framework for a single light filter; we will be expanding and extending this workflow in future releases based on feedback and user input.
Prman Light
A new GafferThree light "Prman Light" supports per-light object settings for visibility, shadingrate and sides. This is the first of many improvements coming in the Gaffer for RenderMan.
New example scenes have been added to demonstrate new features in RenderMan and existing example scenes have been updated for RIS.

Additional Changes

  • Light muting during live rendering is now fully functional without relying on the existence of an "intensity" parameter on the light shader.

  • Katana factory shaders (KatanaSpotlight, etc) are no longer distributed as part of the RfK plugin.

  • Progressive live rendering with 'it' is now available.

  • Vestigal option Option "shade" "int cachemode" has been hidden in PrmanGlobalSettings.

  • Shader parameter connectability is now soley determined by the args file hint connectable. Previously RfK would look at the type of the parameter and the type of the shader which became indeterminate with certain cases of RSL shaders in RIS scenes (e.g. Displacement).

  • Deprection of z_flip:
    • default is now 0
    • parameter is now hidden in PrmanGlobalSettings and PrmanObjectSettings
    • value is only used if RFK_LEGACY_ZFLIP env var is set
    • Note: z_flip will be completely removed as of RfK for RPS21.
  • The PxrLightEmission bxdf is now added to all lights by default if no other bxdf is applied to the light.

Bug Fixes

  • Logic for overriding thread count has been corrected. RfK will now only use prman's -t:# option if the number of threads has been actually overriden by the preferences or render settings. In the absence of an override it will now correctly fall back to PrmanGlobalSettings options.limits.threads if specified. Thread behavior has also been documented.
  • Changing textures during live rendering will now update correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that resulted from rendering polymesh or subdmesh locations that specify the 'vertexList' attribute using a tuple size greater than '1'.
  • Shader discovery for shaders with the same name now follow the RPS convention that the first one found on the shader path wins.
  • Shader and plugin paths with a trailing '/' now come up with the correct relative paths in the UI.
  • LightModifier will no longer draw muted lights in the Viewer.

Known Limitations

Please consult the RenderMan Pro Server release notes.

  • Changes to materials which require a shader rebind (e.g. changing a bxdf or adding a pattern) are currently not supported.
  • Lights cannot be added during live rendering.
  • The PRMan "recover" option (enabled via the environment variable RFK_RMAN_RECOVER) will emit the prman option to the command line but currently does not have access the correct image file from which to recover.
  • Katana's coordinate system plane primitive renders two times larger than it appears in the viewer when used as a portal or gobo coordsys with RMSGeoAreaLightBlocker. This is due to an inconsistency in default sizes between PRMan and Katana.
  • Pausing and restarting a live render can cause a deadlock with Katana and/or PRMAN.