Simple GI

Simple GI

  • Note

    The Maya scene file for this example - - is included with the RMS Tutorials bundle.

Global Illumination in RIS Mode

Global Illumination couldn't be simpler than it is in RIS mode. Essentially, it's almost as if Global Illumination is on by default, provided out-of-the-box in RIS mode.

1. Add an Environment Light

Once you've opened our simple scene. Add an Environment Light, via the button in the RenderMan Shelf,


or the RenderMan Menu.


2. Render

That's it. You're done.


Global Illumination

Of course, you're not likely to use the default settings for an Environment Light, as it can be pretty star. You can add an environment texture for Global IBI (Image-Based Illumination).


Image-Based Illumination

Or use rmanDayLight attached to the Procedural Color parameter to create a plausible sky. Note, also, that the RMS Environment Light gives you control over the Tint, Exposure, Color Temperature, and both the Specular and Diffuse Contribution for fine-tuning your lighting results.


Procedural DayLight, Using the Afternoon Preset