RenderManAPI  24.0
RiTypesHelper.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <cassert>
#include <cfloat>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstring>
#include <functional>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdint>
#include "RiEntrypoints.h"
#include "pxrcore/ustring/ustring.h"
#include "pxrcore/paramlist/types.h"
#include "pxrcore/paramlist/paramlist.h"
#include "pxrcore/paramlist/primvarlist.h"

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class  RtFloat2
class  RtBBox
class  RixRefCntPtr< T >


#define US_NULL   RtUString()


typedef pxrcore::Float3 RtFloat3
typedef RtFloat3 RtPoint3
typedef RtFloat3 RtVector3
typedef RtFloat3 RtNormal3
typedef pxrcore::Matrix4x4 RtMatrix4x4
typedef RtFloat2 RtPoint2
typedef RtFloat2 RtVector2
typedef pxrcore::Float4 RtFloat4
typedef RtFloat4 RtPoint4
typedef pxrcore::ColorRGB RtColorRGB
typedef pxrcore::UString RtUString
typedef pxrcore::DataType RtDataType
typedef pxrcore::DetailType RtDetailType
typedef pxrcore::ParamList RtParamList
typedef pxrcore::PrimVarList RtPrimVarList

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Typedef Documentation

◆ RtColorRGB

typedef pxrcore::ColorRGB RtColorRGB

◆ RtDataType

typedef pxrcore::DataType RtDataType

◆ RtDetailType

typedef pxrcore::DetailType RtDetailType

◆ RtFloat3

typedef pxrcore::Float3 RtFloat3

◆ RtFloat4

typedef pxrcore::Float4 RtFloat4

◆ RtMatrix4x4

typedef pxrcore::Matrix4x4 RtMatrix4x4

◆ RtNormal3

◆ RtParamList

typedef pxrcore::ParamList RtParamList

◆ RtPoint2

typedef RtFloat2 RtPoint2

◆ RtPoint3

typedef RtFloat3 RtPoint3

◆ RtPoint4

typedef RtFloat4 RtPoint4

◆ RtPrimVarList

typedef pxrcore::PrimVarList RtPrimVarList

◆ RtUString

typedef pxrcore::UString RtUString

◆ RtVector2

◆ RtVector3