RenderManAPI  24.0
DisplayChannel Struct Reference

Scene graph display channel description. More...

#include <RixSceneGraph.h>

Public Member Functions

 DisplayChannel ()
 Default constructor of float type. More...
 DisplayChannel (RtDataType t, RtUString h)
 Parameterized constructor specifies type and handle. More...
 DisplayChannel (DisplayChannel const &)=default
 Default copy constructor. More...
DisplayChanneloperator= (DisplayChannel const &)=default
 Default assign operator. More...

Public Attributes

RtDataType type
 Display channel type, e.g. color. More...
RtUString handle
 Display channel name, e.g. "Ci". More...
RtParamList params
 Display channel parameters. More...

Detailed Description

Scene graph display channel description.

Display channels describe both built-in and user defined AOVs such as the beauty (Ci), alpha (a), position (P), and light path expressions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DisplayChannel() [1/3]

DisplayChannel::DisplayChannel ( )

Default constructor of float type.

◆ DisplayChannel() [2/3]

DisplayChannel::DisplayChannel ( RtDataType  t,
RtUString  h 

Parameterized constructor specifies type and handle.

◆ DisplayChannel() [3/3]

DisplayChannel::DisplayChannel ( DisplayChannel const &  )

Default copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

DisplayChannel& DisplayChannel::operator= ( DisplayChannel const &  )

Default assign operator.

Member Data Documentation

◆ handle

RtUString DisplayChannel::handle

Display channel name, e.g. "Ci".

◆ params

RtParamList DisplayChannel::params

Display channel parameters.

◆ type

RtDataType DisplayChannel::type

Display channel type, e.g. color.

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