RenderManAPI  24.0
RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults Struct Reference

GenerateSamples() Generate samples, using data from the RixLightContext object: More...

#include <RixLight.h>

Public Attributes

int & patchIndex
float & distance
float & pdfDirect
bool const isBidirectional
float & pdfEmit
float & pdfEmitDirection
float & solidAngleToArea
RtColorRGB diffuseColor
RtColorRGB specularColor

Detailed Description

GenerateSamples() Generate samples, using data from the RixLightContext object:

  • random numbers are provided by GetSample2D()
  • surface information of the shading point
  • matrix to transform from the light's local space to the space of the shaded point The light must set all members of the result struct, else the sample is considered invalid.

Member Data Documentation

◆ diffuseColor

RtColorRGB RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::diffuseColor

◆ direction

RtVector3& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::direction

◆ distance

float& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::distance

◆ isBidirectional

bool const RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::isBidirectional

◆ normal

RtNormal3& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::normal

◆ patchIndex

int& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::patchIndex

◆ pdfDirect

float& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::pdfDirect

◆ pdfEmit

float& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::pdfEmit

◆ pdfEmitDirection

float& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::pdfEmitDirection

◆ solidAngleToArea

float& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::solidAngleToArea

◆ specularColor

RtColorRGB RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::specularColor


RtFloat3& RixLight::GenerateSamplesResults::UVW

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