Shading Workflows

Shading Workflows

RenderMan for Maya provides a variety of workfows for shading and lighting. Users can choose a workflow based on their needs and resources, working in a Maya-centric environment with Maya materials or RMS's GP-based system, or in a Slim-centric environment with RMS's AP- or GP-based shaders. Needless to say, users should consider this sort of workflow decision carefully; not every workflow is compatible with the others (though some are - e.g. you can use Maya lights with anything and you can use AP shaders with Maya materials, but you cannot use the new RMSGP lights with Maya materials or AP shaders).

The RMS Shading System Matrix
  "Maya" Lights RMS "AP" Lights RMS "GP" Lights
Maya Materials yes yes no
Slim "AP" Shaders yes yes no
RMS "GP" Shaders yes no yes
Slim "GP" Shaders yes no yes

"Maya" Lights = the lights that Maya provides, e.g. Directional, Spot, Point.

RMS "AP" Lights = the equivalent of the lights provided with RenderMan Studio 3.0, e.g. the RenderMan Environment Light, AP-based (legacy) Slim light shaders (which can be attached to Maya lights), etc.

RMS "GP" Lights = the lights newly provided in RMS 4.0: RMSEnvLight, RMSGILight, RMSAreaLight, and RMSPointLight.

This section of the documentation outlines the basics of shading and lighting with RMS (and PRMan) and provides details about the various workflows, including an overview of the tools for implementing a "DIY" shading system.