The RenderMan Shelf

The RenderMan Shelf

RenderMan for Maya provides its own Maya shelf with shortcuts for many of the most basic and useful features of the plugin, including creating lights, assigning shaders, and accessing render settings.

From left to right...


Open the RenderMan Controls - Render - Start an IPR session - Batch Render - Cancel Batch Render.

When an IPR session is initiated the buttons to pause or stop the session will appear in the Shelf. Otherwise they are hidden.


Pause or Stop an IPR session.


Open "it" - Open the Dynamic Rules Editor.


Right-click to create LM Material nodes - Create a PxrDisney node - Open the Lighting Panel - Create an Environment Light - Create an Area Light - Create a Light Blocker - Make the selected geometry emissive.


Create a RIB Archive node - Update the selected Archive node - Open the most recently rendered RIB file - Open the RIB file for the selected item - Open the Shared Geometric Attributes window - Add RenderMan Subdivision Scheme attributes to the selected geometry - Add/create a new coordinate system - Add/create a new RIB Box - Create a new OpenVDB Visualizer node.


Open the RenderMan documentation - Open the About RenderMan for Maya window (for version/build information) - Load the RenderMan for Maya plugin.