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*Non-Commercial RenderMan does not include Stylized Looks. 


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Non-Commercial RenderMan

RenderMan is free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan does not include the Stylized Looks™ toolset, but is otherwise fully functional without watermark or limitation, all you need to do is use the "rendered with RenderMan" logo in your credits.

Non-Commercial RenderMan only supports the latest and greatest version and does not generate licenses for older versions.

Your forum account entitles you to 2 node-locked licenses which expire every 120 days. Upon expiration, you will get a notification to renew your license online which will renew your license for another 120 days.
For further details please refer to Pixar's Non-Commercial RenderMan FAQ below.

RenderMan Logo

Use the "rendered with RenderMan" logo for all your non-commercial work.

NCR General FAQ

  • What is Non-Commercial RenderMan?

    Pixar’s RenderMan is the premier professional rendering software used by talented creators and studios large and small, to generate the photorealistic visuals used in most visual effects and animated movies including all of Pixar's films. Non-Commercial RenderMan is exactly the same RenderMan software used across the production industry, the only restriction being it can only be used for Non-Commercial use. 

  • Why is Pixar making RenderMan free for non-commercial use?

    This is a strategic and long-term commitment by Disney / Pixar to the advancement and dissemination of the production industries most advanced rendering technologies and the interchange of assets in common formats. First, RenderMan going forwards will be the conduit through which applicable rendering technologies developed within Disney / Pixar research will be channeled into the public domain to establish a common platform for production, research and development, trials and experimentation, learning, and other applications. Second, it is Pixar’s belief that limitations on software access have become a brake on the development of the production industry, and that universal access and a set of common standards and practices can only stimulate greater growth and development. Third, existing trial and evaluation methods of providing access through watermarked or time-expiry licenses are unsatisfying for proper evaluation. The resources and technology now being invested in RenderMan are of superior quality and will continue to anticipate the needs of film production imagery as Pixar has over the past 30 years. Providing RenderMan free for non-commercial usage represents the commitment of Disney / Pixar that RenderMan is the long-term film rendering standard.

  • How do I use RenderMan?

    RenderMan supports Houdini, Maya, Katana, and Blender. If you don't already have these DCC apps, download and install the trial versions. Houdini does not support third party renderers in their trial version, Houdini Indie is needed.

  • Tell me more about RenderMan

    The newest version of RenderMan has just shipped and we have a great section to get you up to speed on the latest developments with RenderMan. 

    What's New
  • What skills do I need to use Non-Commercial RenderMan?

    As professional rendering software at the leading edge of technical development, familiarity with general computer graphics modeling, animation, lighting, and rendering concepts is important to properly utilize RenderMan's capabilities. If you are not familiar with the process of rendering images, we recommend becoming familiar with one of the supported CG authoring solutions listed above first.

  • What learning materials are available for Non-Commercial RenderMan?

    Full reference documentation is available on the RenderMan website at along with examples of various rendering challenges and their solutions. In addition, the RenderMan community website is a powerful resource for all RenderMan users to share and swap information, assets, tips and tricks, along with our new RenderMan Answers for advice and help. Here you will also find video tutorials, material libraries, case studies, and workflow examples from both Pixar and the broader RenderMan community to help your learning.

  • Where can I find more information about RenderMan?

    For questions related to RenderMan, please contact RenderMan Sales.

  • Is RenderMan available everywhere?

    RenderMan is available for use in all territories, except those restricted by USA sanctions, such as: Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. For more detailed information, please read the EULA and visit the US Treasury website.


NCR Licensing FAQ

NCR Student FAQ

  • How will using RenderMan help my future career?

    Knowledge of RenderMan is a key asset if you are interested in a career in visual effects, animation or the visual media, or want to learn modern production workflows. As the primary renderer used to create todays photorealistic pixels in feature films, Non-Commercial RenderMan makes it easy for you to access the production industries most sophisticated rendering technology for your creative experimentation.

  • Can I freely use RenderMan for my class work?

    Yes. You are welcome to use Non-Commercial RenderMan on any class or personal project that is non-profit. Please include a credit that your work was rendered with Pixar's RenderMan. You can download the logo here.

  • Can I use Non-Commercial RenderMan for my showreel?

    Yes. Please include a credit that your work was rendered with Pixar's RenderMan. Download the Logo

NCR Schools & Universities FAQ

NCR Installation and Platform FAQ

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