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RenderMan Licensing

RenderMan has a flexible licensing system. A single RenderMan License can be used either for batch rendering or for rendering with an artist seat.

Floating or Node Locked

Choose between floating and node locked licensing. Floating RenderMan licenses can be distributed across a network as needed, allowing the full utilization of all licenses on the renderfarm to achieve top performance. On the other hand, node locked licenses offer ease of installation and are an efficient solution for a single workstation.


RenderMan (includes Tractor) . . $595 USD per license
RenderMan Annual Maintenance . . $250 USD per license
Tractor (stand alone). . . . . . $100 USD per license
Tractor Annual Maintenance . . . $20 USD per license

Cloud Services

There are several RenderMan solutions for rendering in the cloud, providing extraordinary burst capacity.


Licensing is per day, with a minimum of 10 licenses for 7 days.

RenderMan Rental. . . . . . . . . $5 USD per License


Upgrades are free for users with current maintenance and can be upgraded online using your User Profile ▶

Upgrades can be purchased directly, please contact RenderMan Sales ▶

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