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Operating System Compatibility

64-bit Linux

Compatible with CentOS/RHEL 7.2 - gcc6.3 and glibc 2.17

64-bit Mac OSX

Compatible with 10.13+

64-bit Windows

Compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10

DCC Compatibility


Compatible with 2018.3+


Compatible with 17.0+


Compatible with 3.0+

Hardware Requirements


RenderMan requires ix86-64 and SSE4.2 instruction set (introduced 2007). RenderMan threading scales well with multiple CPU cores and Hyper-Threading; results vary by scene.


Using the GPU Denoiser requires CUDA 8.0 (compute capability 2.0 or later) and a capable NVIDIA graphics card with support. If not, Denoise will fallback to CPU automatically.


RenderMan needs a minimum of 4GB of RAM. For best performance we recommend 8GB of RAM. Maximum RAM depends on scene complexity.


Custom plugins can utilize C++14 and must be compiled with gcc6.3

VFX Reference Platform: CY2018 (OpenVDB 5.2, Alembic 1.7.x)..

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