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Lost Things Asset


This is the official asset for RenderMan's "Lost Things" Art Challenge. This collection of models were created by many talented artists from 2018's Pixar's Undergraduate Program, or PUP for short, and Pixar artist Leif Pedersen. The RenderMan Walking Teapot is a creation of Pixar artist, Dylan Sisson.

Even though the downloadable project provides a good starting point for your challenge entry, you're not limited by it, you can download any Poly Haven, SpeedTree, or Embergen asset to support the narrative in your entry.  

Poly Haven Assets

The amazing team at Poly Haven have converted all of their assets to FBX and USD format, making it very easy to get started with their wonderful library of free 3D models, textures, and HDRI!

Poly Haven Assets

Houdini Indie Trial!

Thanks to a collaboration with our friends at SideFX, you can try Houdini Indie for 2 months! Simply fill out this form: 

Get Houdini Indie

SpeedTree Art Challenge Trial!

Thanks to a collaboration with our friends at SpeedTree, you can try a full working version of the leading vegetation creation tool for the duration of the Art Challenge! 

Get SpeedTree

Embergen Volumes

Embergen has a great set of free explosions, clouds, tornados, fire, and other fun volumes. They also come with a CC0 license, so feel free to use them! 

Get Embergen Volumes

Pixar Terms of Use

Please watermark or credit the image with the following:
Walking Teapot by Dylan Sisson. Models by 2018 Pixar PUPs and Leif Pedersen © Disney/Pixar - RenderMan "Lost Things" Art Challenge

Poly Haven Terms of Use

All Poly Haven assets are released under the CC0 license, meaning you can use them for absolutely any purpose, including commercial work. Poly Haven F.A.Q.

SpeedTree Terms of Use

Assets intended for use in RenderMan Art Challenges only and cannot be redistributed. Please refer to the included SpeedTree EULA for limitations.


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