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RenderMan Art & Science Fair 2017 - Presentations

Did you miss the big event? Then come check out the full recap! 

At SIGGRAPH we revealed a number of new technologies including a sneak peek of our hybrid CPU and GPU renderer called RenderMan XPU.

Highlights include talks about Cars 3Rogue One, RenderMan 21.5, and a look forward to RenderMan 22 and beyond. Thanks for everyone who made the event a success!


RenderMan's Vice President & General Manager Allan Poore kicks things off by thanking the RenderMan team, the community, and presenting the 2017 RenderMan Showreel!

What's New in RenderMan

Dylan Sisson, RenderMan's Technical Marketing Manager, starts the presentations showing us exclusive making-of clips from Pixar's upcoming film Coco, which drove great developments and new features in our current release: RenderMan 21.5, including new artistic hair controls and a new cutting edge, pathtraced subsurface shading model. 

We also get a glimpse of exciting shading developments in non-photorealistic rendering from LollipopShaders, an overview of RenderMan's first Art Challenge, and of course a look at this year's RenderMan Teapot!

Cars 3: Rendering with RIS

Junyi Ling, Character Co-Supervisor for Cars 3, shows us some great developments in micro surface details thanks to Bump to Roughness, as well as new ambitions for scene complexity in crowds and lighting.

The Journey from Reyes to RIS

Vick Schutz, Computer Graphics Supervisor at ILM, shows us the amazing transition from RenderMan's Reyes algorithm to the new RIS framework, including some great behind the scenes for World of Warcraft and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

RenderMan Outlook

David Laur, RenderMan's Director of Product Management, gives us insight on new RenderMan developments, product motivations, collaborations, and roadmaps for the future of RenderMan rendering. 

What's Next part 1 | RenderMan 22

Senior Lead Engineer Max Liani gives us a preview of the amazing interactive power of RenderMan 22. This is the first public demonstration of the incredible CPU-only next-gen successor to RenderMan 21, enabling new artist workflows with live edits, viewport feedback and more, coming mid-2018!

What's Next part 2 | RenderMan XPU

Max Liani continues with a sneak peek of RenderMan XPU, a project in the lab that can render on both CPU and GPU. Scheduled for delivery after RenderMan 22, the hybrid renderer takes advantage of all available compute resources, harnessing GPUs when available to deliver massive speed to both interactive and final renders. Artists create one set of production assets, and RenderMan XPU exploits the compute power it finds from desktops to farm machines.

Check out the good times!

From the demo pods to the main presentations, you made it an amazing night. See you next year!


Thank you for making it a special night!



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