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RenderMan Art & Science Fair 2019 - Presentations

This year at SIGGRAPH over 1,500 attendees joined us for an evening of VFX magic, featuring demonstrations and case studies from the year’s greatest productions … and of course everyone left with a RenderMan Walking Teapot!

Highlights of the RenderMan A&SF

Thanks for making it a fantastic event in Los Angeles! Highlights include presentations by Pixar, SideFX, and Laika.

RenderMan | This is Not a Toy

Dylan Sisson, RenderMan Specialist & Marketing Manager | Pixar
Come see the latest developments in RenderMan including a live demo for RenderMan version 22, as well as a look forward to version 23, XPU, and beyond.

SideFX Solaris | Lookdev, Layout, and Lighting

Scott Keating, Senior Product Designer | SideFX
Great demonstration showing Solaris, a mayor rewrite to SideFX's flagship product, making Houdini entirely built upon Pixar's USD in order to take advantage of the latest advancements in asset management, lighting tools, and collaboration.

Missing Link | Digital Puppets in a Practical World

Eric Wachtman, CG Look Development Lead | LAIKA
See how practical and digital technology can complement each other and bring new and exciting worlds to life thanks to Laika's fantastic use of RenderMan in Missing Link.

Technical Toy Story

Yaa-Lirng Tu, Toy Story 4 Sets Shading Lead and Bob Moyer, Toy Story 4 Supervising Technical Director | Pixar
Find out how the great artists at Pixar used USD and Houdini to bring the rain sequence and the antique warehouse to life in Toy Story 4.


Thank you for making it a special night!



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