News | RenderMan at Annecy 2022

RenderMan at Annecy 2022

Exploring Creativity with RenderMan

June 14th and 16th, 2022

Pixar’s most recent animated features, Turning Red, Luca and Soul all relied on RenderMan – from shading, to lighting, to rendering. With tools used on Pixar’s own feature films, the latest version of RenderMan 24 delivers powerful new workflows including a next-generation GPU accelerated renderer called XPU, a layered shading system from ILM, and a new interactive approach to NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) called Stylized Looks.

Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will show examples of how RenderMan can be used interactively with tools for Blender, Houdini, Katana, and Maya.

New technologies can broaden the horizons of creative expression, but in ways that are not immediately obvious. As artists, how do we discover the potential of new tech?

In this talk, Dylan will share his own R&D exploration of RenderMan's Stylized Looks toolset that has brought his interests in illustration, VR sculpting, and physically based rendering all together, to create convincing illustrative non-photorealistic rendering (NPR). RenderMan now delivers a toolset for creating a broad range of looks from photorealism to illustration, anime, etc.

Come learn how RenderMan's tools can unlock your own creativity.

Two Talks in One Location

RenderMan 24 | Exploring Creativity with RenderMan
by Pixar's Dylan Sisson

Salle de la Volière

Tuesday - June 14th

Salle de la Volière

Thursday - June 16th

Imperial Palace
 Allée de l'Impérial, 7400 Annecy, France

Meet the Team

Our RenderMan team will be in France all week.
If you'd like to arrange a meeting please contact us.

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