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News | RenderMan at Siggraph 2018

RenderMan at Siggraph 2018


Join the RenderMan team at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver for exciting talks and a closer look at Pixar's flagship renderer, and in our feature presentation, the RenderMan Art & Science Fair, learn about exciting new tech at Pixar!

This year we are celebrating RenderMan’s 30th Anniversary with amazing demonstrations of cool new Pixar R&D technologies, along with our Feature Presentation which will showcase RenderMan's incredible new workflows.

Grab a drink, meet the RenderMan team, chat with colleagues, and see what’s new for RenderMan in 2018.

How can I attend?

RenderMan Art & Science Fair is an invitation-only event at this time.

RenderMan Art & Science Fair

Wednesday August 15, 5:00 – 9:30 PM

Vogue Theater
918 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2, Canada

This year the RenderMan Art and Science Fair will showcase the latest version of RenderMan, along with guest speakers from multiple studios. We will also have live demo stations demonstrating RenderMan 22 bridge products and the latest Pixar Studio tools.

RenderMan 22 talks

As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Pixar's RenderMan, learn how the technology has continuously evolved and see where RenderMan is headed in the future. Today, RenderMan can deliver exceptional quality for any sized production, from blockbuster VFX to broadcast animation for television. Come learn about the major new developments in Pixar's core rendering technology, RenderMan.

RenderMan 22: Incredible Artist Workflows

by Pixar's Dylan Sisson

Tuesday August 14th, 1 - 2 PM
Room MR1

Pixar's RenderMan team will demonstrate the amazingly fast interactivity in RenderMan 22, along with new features for digital humans, and new integration with Pixar's USD (Universal Scene Description).

RenderMan 22: Working With Next Generation VFX Pipelines

by Pixar's Wayne Wooten

Wednesday August 15th, 1 - 2 PM
Room MR1

Developers from Pixar demonstrate new technology in RenderMan 22, describing its impact on the artistic process and how it will influence the next generation of VFX production pipelines.

More Pixar talks

Don't miss Pixar's  presence at SIGGRAPH 2018, including talks by the Tools and USD groups. Below are some of the fantastic talks and meet-ups where you can learn about the latest technology at Pixar.

Birds of a Feather
USD and OpenSubdiv: Official Open-Source Meet Up

by Pixar's Jessica Tran

Tuesday August 14th, 4 - 6 PM
Room MR1

Join the discussion with the developers and users of Universal Scene Description (USD) and OpenSubdiv, who will showcase the work done in the past year and plans ahead.

Meet the Team

Our RenderMan team will be in Vancouver all week.
If you'd like to arrange a meeting please contact us.