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RenderMan "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge

Dates: 08/11/2022 - 11/15/2022
Judges: Eman Abdul-Razzak, Jeremy Birn, Masha Ellsworth, Chia-Chi Hu, Markus Kranzler, Andre Mazzone, Leif Pedersen, Vandana Sahrawat, Dylan Sisson, Mark SubbaRao.

In our ninth Art Challenge, we’re honored to be collaborating with NASA!

NASA explores the unknown, innovates for the benefit of humanity, and inspires the world through discovery, so prepare to take your creativity To Infinity and Beyond for the possibility of winning amazing prizes!

In RenderMan's "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge you'll get to work with a cosmos sized amount of scientifically accurate 3D models courtesy of NASA, including telescopes, space stations, suits, planets, and more.

We're also collaborating with Poly Haven, a fantastic public asset library full of models, HDRIs, and texture maps, so you can expand on your creative worlds. Also, thanks to a collaboration with SpeedTree and SideFX, you can download special Art Challenge trials to the leading vegetation creation tool and visual effects software. 

Anyone can join the fun, all you have to do is join our RenderMan Community.

AMD Creator Cloud

This year, entrants have access to the rendering power of The AMD Creator Cloud, powered by Azure HBv3 VMs, the professional render farm with the same speed the pros use. Now you’re free to explore things you never could on your own machine. To access this amazing resource, message us directly in the RenderMan Community.


We are excited to have our friends at Adobe Substance 3D, AMD, Foundry, fxphd, Hypertec, Industrial Light & Magic, NVIDIA, Microsoft Azure, SideFXRanch Computing, and SpeedTree co-sponsor this community event with guest judges and over $80,000 in prizes, including a Hypertec Kronos workstation powered by AMD Threadripper Pro and NVIDIA RTX A6000!


A set of Pixar, NASA, and ILM judges will determine the winners, giving you an unique opportunity to interact and receive feedback from professionals. Judging will be based on both artistic and technical merits, but don't forget to tell a good story!


Tuesday November 15th, 2022 - Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Winners and Announcements

Winners will be announced on Monday November 28th, 2022. 

Nice, I Want In!

By participating in RenderMan's "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge, you agree to the Terms of Use from Pixar, NASA, SpeedTree, and NVIDIA.

Pixar Terms of Use

Please watermark or credit the image with the following:
Walking Teapot by Dylan Sisson. Models provided by NASA and Poly Haven © Disney/Pixar - RenderMan "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge

NASA Terms of Use

All models provided by NASA are open to the public and must be used in accordance to NASA Usage Guidelines.

SpeedTree Terms of Use

Assets intended for use in RenderMan "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge only and cannot be redistributed. Please refer to the included SpeedTree EULA for limitations.

NVIDIA Data Collection | Prize Eligibility

By participating in RenderMan's "NASA Exploration" Art Challenge, you agree to share your email with our partner, NVIDIA. Your information will be handled in accordance with NVIDIA's Privacy Policy

*RenderMan community account required to participate.
All decisions of the judges are final. 
Prizes cannot be exchanged for their cash value.
Prizes are non transferable. 

Contest Participants agree to comply with all applicable export control laws and sanctions. Contest Participants agree NOT TO use, export, reexport or transfer (in-country) RenderMan in or to: (1) a country or region subject to a US partial or comprehensive embargo, such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic, or Luhansk People’s Republic; OR (2) any person or entity listed on the “Entity List” or "Denied Persons List" maintained by the US Department of Commerce, the list of "Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" maintained by the US Department of Treasury or any other applicable prohibited party list of the US Government.  Contest Participants further agree that they are not nationals or residents of the countries or regions listed in (1) above.


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