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RenderMan "Woodville" Art Challenge

RenderMan's Fifth Art Challenge is Here!

Challenge is now closed, thanks for participating and stay tuned for winners and future challenges!

Judges: Jeremy Birn, Masha Ellsworth, Chia-Chi Hu, Markus Kranzler, Leif Pedersen, Alex Shilt, Dylan Sisson, Yaa-Lirng Tu

In this “Woodville” Art Challenge, you’ll get to work with a fantastic scene from Pixar's Undergraduate Program
 and SpeedTree, providing you with production-quality assets to showcase your shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing skills for the possibility of winning amazing prizes!

Anyone can join the fun, all you have to do is join the RenderMan Community.


We are very excited to have our friends at FxphdLollipopShaders, NVIDIAQuixel, Ranch Computing, SpeedTree, and Substance co-sponsor this community event, adding an amazing list of prizes.


A set of industry judges will determine the winners, giving you a unique opportunity to interact and receive feedback from Pixar professionals. Judging will be based on both artistic and technical merits, so get creative, but don’t forget to dazzle us with your rendering skills!


The deadline for the challenge is Wednesday November 13th, 2019 - Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time - USA).

Winners and Announcements

Winners will be announced on Friday November 29th, 2019. 

Nice, I want to see the entries!

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*RenderMan community account required to participate.
All decisions of the judges are final. 
Prizes cannot be exchanged for their cash value.

Pixar Terms of Use

Please watermark or credit the image with the following:
Concept by Vasylina Holod. Model by Alex Shilt © Disney / Pixar - RenderMan "Woodville" Art Challenge

These assets are property of Pixar. By downloading the project files you agree to the terms of use as defined in the EULA for RenderMan Models.

SpeedTree Terms of Use

Assets intended for use in RenderMan "Woodville" art challenge only and cannot be redistributed. Please refer to the included SpeedTree EULA for limitations.


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