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Official Swatch


It's the official RenderMan Shader Swatch!

This hip new version features improved topology, UVs, and more look development options than ever before, including glasses, cloth, liquids, fur, hair, and volumes...and with three lighting setups, it's easier than ever to get creative when building your materials.

The Official RenderMan Shader Swatch is available as a Maya or Blender project and in Alembic format to get started in your favorite Bridge Product.



  • Hollow Teapot with Intersect Priority
  • Calm liquid with Garnish
  • Splash liquid
  • Splash liquid with foam


  • Draped cloth
  • Cloth fuzz
  • Single sided


  • It's a cloud teapot!
  • Embergen
  • VDB files


  • Type 1 hair - Straight
  • Type 2 hair - Wavy
  • Type 3 hair - Curly
  • Type 4 hair - Coily


  • Dry Fur
  • Wet Fur
  • Xgen IGS Alembic

About the Artists

The RenderMan Walking Teapot is the creation of Pixar artist Dylan Sisson.

The improvements in this version of the RenderMan Swatch have been made by Pixar artist Leif Pedersen.


The Official RenderMan Swatch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This allows you to share freely as long as you credit the original authors.

Creative Commons License



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