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Pixar One Thirty

Classic Textures from Pixar

Created for classic Pixar films, this texture library includes 130 repeating textures, now available for free.

Pixar One thirty includes:

  • 18 Clouds

  • 12 Coverings

  • 8 Marble

  • 3 Flowers

  • 8 Frames

  • 11 Arbitrary

  • 11 Millmetals

  • 13 Papers
  • 4 Tiles
  • 5 Waters

  • And more ... Macbeth charts, Color Bars, glitter, etc.

Cutting Edge in 1993

At the time the idea of "repeating textures" was so innovative that new techniques were invented to create these images. In fact Pixar took out several patents for the technology, developed by David DiFrancesco, which you can read more about here Method for Borderless Mapping of Texture Images.

Updated for 2018

The texture library has been upgraded and now includes 16-bit bump (roughness) and normal maps. While created in the 1990's, this library still has many potential uses. Enjoy.

Suggested Shading Network

Attached you'll find a suggested shading network using the blkmarbl texture.

We are using the pxrRoundCube to make the texture tileable and then distributing this placement node across Multiple PxrMultiTexture nodes (diffuse, normal and roughness), which will give us the most options for seamlessly tiling our textures.

Recommended shading network

Pixar 130 authored by Dylan Sisson and updated by Leif Pedersen


Pixar One Twenty Eight by Pixar Animation Studios is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use and redistribute this resource as long as you credit the original authors.


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