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RenderMan Artist Series: Steve Emerson

In our second RenderMan Artist Series, we chat with visual effects supervisor Steve Emerson, about mixing traditional media and digital technology and the role it plays at Laika, including their latest film: Missing Link.

Steve is an Oscar®-nominated VFX supervisor. As a longtime LAIKA collaborator, he has contributed to all four award-winning films: Kubo and the Two Strings, The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, and Coraline. Prior to joining LAIKA, Steve spent nearly twenty years working in visual effects as an artist and technical director. He has worked on many feature films and television series including The Matrix Reloaded, Transformers, The Dark Knight, and Sliders for Universal Television.

In 2017, he received the Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature for Kubo and the Two Strings.

This RenderMan production, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, showcases artists in the visual effect industry who use RenderMan and offers a personal look into their jobs, careers, and art. 

Starring . . . Steve Emerson, Laika
Director . . . Eugene Riecansky
Interviewer . . . Dylan Sisson
Sound . . . David Escott
Producer . . . Emily Ledger
Produced by Pixar Animation Studios

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