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These are some light maps shot in studio and edited as HDRI textures.

Texturing your lights is a good way to have non-perfect reflections and shadows. You can plug them into the color map attribute of your PxrRectLight. Textures are preconverted in tex format and available in an easy drag-and-drop folder for your RenderMan Preset Browser.


  • The soft box is fully neutral, desaturated. Original size 65 x 65 cm.
  • The spot is balanced at 6500K with small warm variations.Original size is 18 cm diameter.
  • The kitchen natural is shot at 6500K giving the warm color. Original size is 36 x 6 cm.
  • The kitchen balanced is shot with white balanced set on the light source. Original size is 36 x 6 cm.
Note that you should use high resolution versions for closeups only, as low resolution versions should be good enough for most cases.


Drag the contents into your Asset Library > LightRigs folder. The files are organized by category and can be easily searched in your preset browser.

Make sure to transfer the installation RenderManAssetLibrary folder to a location with full writing privileges.

Once you transfer the Materials folder and move your Asset Library into a different location, it is important to tell Maya through the preferences that you want to use the new path.

Or you can create a new environment variable in you Maya.env file, which will make sure you are always pointing to the right folder:

RMAN_ASSET_LIBRARY = /My/Folder/Example/RenderManAssetLibrary


Created by Julien Duval


Public Domain. Free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark


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