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Stylized Presets

These fantastic material presets by Iyad Horani feature the latest innovations in RenderMan's Stylized Looks toolset. These diverse set of 24 presets offer a treasure trove of artistic styles, from playful crayons and expressive stippling, to classic illustration and detailed etch lines. You can simply download a project or use the RenderMan Preset Browser to apply the stylization to your favorite scenes.

3D App Projects

  • 24 RfM scenes
  • Official RenderMan Swatch
  • LPEs and light groups are setup

Material Presets

  • 24 Presets
  • For use with the Preset Browser
  • 3D app agnostic
  • LPEs and light groups need manual setup

Comprehensive Breakdown

For an in-depth breakdown of every one of these presets, please visit Iyad's website.


...and There's More!

To further enhance your creative power, the collection includes 37 seamless hand-drawn brush packs, 24 evocative paper backgrounds, and 26 expressive brush strokes ideal for multi-texturing.  Discover the magic of hatching, push the boundaries of technical precision, and even master the art of rim lighting through stylized rendering.

Brush Pack

  • 37 Brushes
  • With varying levels of hatching density
  • Use with Stylized Hatching filter

Paper Pack

  • 24 Papers
  • Use with Stylized Canvas filter

Texture Pack

  • 26 Textures
  • Use with Stylized Hatching filter
  • Available in color and grayscale

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This project is in the public domain and is free of copyright.

Public Domain. CC0 1.0 DEED


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