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The Iconoclasts Asset


This is the official asset for RenderMan's "The Iconoclasts" Art Challenge. The Walking Teapot was created by Pixar artist Dylan Sisson and MAT was created by artist Damien Levaufre.

SpeedTree Art Challenge Trial!

Thanks to a collaboration with our friends at SpeedTree, you can try a full working version of the leading vegetation creation tool for the duration of the Art Challenge! 

Get SpeedTree

SpeedTree Assets

Get even more creative with some great vegetation from SpeedTree!
Use the supplied conversion plugins for Maya and Houdini and get a native RenderMan material network. FBX files are also included. 

SpeedTree conversion instructions:

Pixar Terms of Use

Please watermark or credit the image with the following:
Walking Teapot by Dylan Sisson. MAT by Damien Levaufre © Disney/Pixar - RenderMan "The Iconoclasts" Art Challenge.

The Walking Teapot is a property of Pixar. By downloading the project files you agree to the terms of use as defined in the EULA for RenderMan Models.

Adobe Terms of Use

MAT is a property of Adobe, created by  Damien Levaufre, and, in the context of this contest, is a “Sample File” as defined in the Adobe Terms of Use at   By downloading MAT to participate in the contest, you agree that your use of MAT is limited to that purpose and subject to the Substance Terms of Use at

SpeedTree Terms of Use

Assets intended for use in RenderMan Art Challenges only and cannot be redistributed. Please refer to the included SpeedTree EULA for limitations.


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