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Walking Teapot Meets Mat


For the 8th RenderMan Art Challenge, two icons of the VFX industry finally meet ... Pixar's Walking Teapot and Substance's Mat. In celebration Mat brought a gift, the Pixar Ball!

This educational resource is a great way to explore some of the latest features in RenderMan, including Bump Roughness, ACES, Lights Filters, Volumes, and more.

This scene was created by Vladimir Petkovic, Adobe Substance 3D Creative Director, using Substance Painter and Substance Stager. It was converted to RenderMan by Leif Pedersen, RenderMan Specialist.

Image rendered with 8K textures. Supplied project files have resized textures.

Pixar Terms of Use

The Walking Teapot is a property of Pixar. By downloading the project files you agree to the terms of use as defined in the EULA for RenderMan Models.

Adobe Terms of Use

MAT is a property of Adobe, created by  Damien Levaufre, and, in the context of this contest, is a “Sample File” as defined in the Adobe Terms of Use at   By downloading MAT, you agree that your use of MAT is limited to that purpose and subject to the Substance Terms of Use at

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