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Download & Installation

Next you'll download and run the installer for Non-Commercial RenderMan® (NCR). The installer will prompt you for your User Name and Password for the RenderMan Forums, so have that information ready.


You must be currently logged into the Forums to download the software. If you are not already logged in, you can Log into the Forums Now in a new window.

When you have logged in, please proceed by clicking the "Download Installer" button below. Once the installer (about 10mb) has successfully downloaded, simply run the installer and follow the instructions ... The installer will download the bulk of the software (from 500mb to 1gig depending on your configuration), so please be patient. When the installer is finished, RenderMan should be licensed for you and ready to go.

Terms & Conditions:

By clicking the "Download" link, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to RenderMan's Software Licensing Agreement.


Supported Platforms

The "Download Installer" button will pick the right installer for your operating system, but if you require other platforms, then you can download your installer of choice:

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